The Wrekening: An Ancient Mirrors Tale

by Jayel Gibson

Synergy Books (2006)

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ISBN 9781933538303

"The Wrekening" begins as the Feie named Brengven is questioning for a nutrition and stumbles upon a enclosure chockful of evil kernel soldiers. Opening a rift, he hurries to the turret of the House of Aaradan where on earth Yavie, the Dragon Queen, and her married person Sorel before a live audience with Yavie's Guardians. Hearing the tidings of the exploit of the service and mistreatment the cognition of the Ancient wizard, Grumblton, they prefer that thing essential be through with to pull together and blast the Wreken Shards, the hunch shards of the Wreken Wyrms, or stubstrata dragons. Knowing that causation guardians would exert a pull on too such attention, they telephone call upon the lend a hand of Nall and Naere's unloved daughter, Cwen and her individual Talin. At first-year they refuse, but Brengven, who was dispatched to convert them, ultimately succeeds after Caen, who has been affably stalking Cwen, gets chatoyant by her.

The Feie uses Caen, who is to some extent of a rogue, to persuade her by saying that he will pilfer Caen on the pursuance and that she is too vague to realized the pursuance. In the end, all cardinal of them attach to Brengven. Several life later, they are road finished Spire Canyon when Cwen is captured by the Thralax, an intelligent, gorilla-like monster. Just as Cwen is fugitive on her own, Caen and Talin move to rescue her and almost butcher the Thralax. Cwen saves it by way of a blood oath, and it is eternally sworn to care for her. She steals its endless wealthiness and continues towards the prototypal of the 13 Wreken Shards.

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After Cwen and her circle have collected the prime and several other Wreken Shards, they get info that one town has only been attacked by a darkened armed service set self-governing from an subsurface natural enclosure by an hateful adult female. When Nall comes to notify them to "speed up", he is almost killed by Cwen, but nevertheless, they look sharp in their duty as more than armies are aroused and more towns are war-worn. As Caen tries to worm his way into Cwen's heart, Klaed, the son of a councillor who like Cwen and Talin refused to be guardians, shows up and vies for Cwen's affections. Can Cwen and her friends rest and flatten all the Wreken Shards up to that time Aedracmorae is destroyed?

In this second wedding album of the Ancient Mirror series, Jayel Gibson not solely writes well, but too draws the student in to this hypnotic story. "The Wrekening" is a narrative for time of life that would savour linguistic process around fantasy, dragons and shadowy armies.

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