Case 1

Jean (not real signature) is a 56-year-old egg-producing. Sometime in 2004, she cloth a hard, straight mole in her apposite body part. A mastectomy was through with in October 2004. The medical science anecdote indicated infiltrating ductal carcinoma, Grade 3.

Jean underwent six cycles of therapy with FEC (5-FU Epirubicin cyclophosphamide). In addition, she had cardinal sessions of radiation reporting. All treatments were accomplished in June 2006.

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Barely iii months future Jean was told that the metastatic tumor had propagate to her internal organ. On 4 September 2006, she underwent different rhythm of therapy. This circumstance the cure caused grave cross personal effects. Jean approved to relinquish the other cardinal cycles of chemotherapy.

Case 2

Li is a forty-one-year-old female. She was my beginner a number of old age ago. After culmination from the body she became a science teacher. Sometime in 2004, Li felt iii lumps in her left-hand breast after beingness tutored how to self-breast assessment (SBE) by a caregiver. She went to consult a dr. who consequently proceeded to do a cutting out to move the lumps. The ensuant histopathological chitchat confirmed malignant tumors. A few years later, Li had her total vanished breast removed at a parliament doctor's. After this cutting out Li acceptable eight cycles of therapy and 20 composer of energy managing. After the final result of these treatments, Li took tamoxifen for two years, until January 2007. At the aforesaid instance as she was started on tamoxifen, Li was likewise asked to bear Zoladex (goserelin ethanoate) - a chemic way of destroying her ovaries to conclude the crop of females hormones. She was specified Zoladex sometime a month, all period for a period of time of two age.

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In mid-January 2007, Li started to have stomach discomforts and her belly became puffed and was sticky. A CT scrutiny showed a 4 mm nodule in the circumferential upper body part of her justified lung. There were denary nodules in some lobes of her liver. There was as well a regional lytic lesion in her L2 bone. There was tenuous inside sound recording projection at C5/6. These assemblage indicated that the caner had dispersed to her internal organ and bone. According to the radiologist, the pathology in her lung was likely a neoplasm.

Li underwent another six cycles of therapy. After the fourth chemo-cycle, a CT examination indicated that there was slimming down of the sized and number of viscus lesions. However, at pass completion of the sixth chemo, this initial "success" proved shor-lived. The internal organ tumours had big in largeness.

A CT san in May 2007 showed lytic lesion in the unit of T12 and L2 in abidance with angular pathologic process. The specialist wrote: "In position of the collective vastness of the internal organ metastases and the escalating bone metastasis, features are suggestive of of development of the disease." The medical specialist told Li that he had to transfer to new drugs. Li dared not go for more chemotherapy and was in a oblivion. She came to seek my aid. She presented with enlarged abdomen, knob of her moved out arm and both staying power.


The above episodes are realistic tragical - again vocation in query the worth of the supposed "proven" therapies for breast metastatic tumor. Li received all the treatments on hand but within iii age she finished up worse off that she started beside. I would suchlike to airs on question: If Li were to do nothing, would she experience these metastases to the viscus and bones? Over a period of time of small indefinite amount metastatic tumor patients, I have this to say: "No, Li may perhaps not have suffered such as poor casualty. I cognise of frequent patients from Indonesia who relied on their "jamu" or traditional seasoner medication, and they do mostly do not undergo such as rigid pathologic process inwardly three old age."

Professor Hardin Jones, University of California, Berkeley was quoted to have same this: "My studies have evidenced once and for all that raw malignant neoplastic disease victims inhabit up to cardinal present longer than burnt individuals. If one has malignant neoplasm and opts to do nil at all, he will continue living longer and feel more than if he undergoes radiation, therapy or surgery."

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